Who We ARE

A Little About Us

Bliss Supporting Lives is an initiative to transform people in better and responsible human beings so each individual is aware of the actions they take in their day to day life. We through our on-going-learning program are transforming individuals and shaping their personalities. Bliss Supporting Lives is a registered non profit organization Registered on 9/04/15
In our 4 years journey we have supported people with low income group with rations and clothes . We have a ration drive and clothes distribution drive twice a year Once on Eid and once on Diwali, in and around areas where humans would need it the most. We strongly believe that helping someone in need and clicking their pictures is not the kindest thing to do, hence we request all who wish to donate volunteer to be physically present to contribute to people. We have been conducting  training programs in and around UP to develop human beings under the on going learning program. Moreover we have been helping people (more than 1000s untill now ) to overcome stress , depression, phobias, any physchological issues  OR relationship concers through therapeutic treatment from the United States and counselling

Working In Various Fields

Family Planning Awareness

To establish clinics and centres for the eduction of women and men in family planning matters for population.

Higher Level Literacy

To impart education to primary level to higher level for men, women and children by establishing and running Schools, colleges, Degree Colleges, Institutions, Vocational training centres with the prior permission and approvals of the concerned govt. authorities.

Children Rights Awareness

To educate the children, street children and persons about their rights.


To create awareness among the society /masses about negative aspects arising out of Aids or use of drugs(drugs addiction), alcohol and to work for de-addiction and their re-habilitation

Supply of Basic Needs

To help destitutes/deprived men, women & children by providing/supplying food, clothes, warm clothes/woolens, shelter for them & to uplift/improve their social, moral, educational and economic status.

What We Do

Bliss Supporting Lives is a registered non profit organization Registered on 9/04/15


Education Right

Healthy Environment

Nutritious Meals

School Material

Personality Development

Counselling Sessions

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