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Together we can make a difference!!

Our Mission

Bliss Supporting Lives- empowering existence is an initiative to transform people into better & responsible human-beings.

Our Vision

We envision 🇮🇳 India to be a stress free and happier country. Our vision is to see our glorious nation securing a decent position in the Happy nations to live in

What are we doing

We are transforming lives through our ongoing Learning & Development programs . In this endeavor we train children and adults about life its true essence and how to lead a joyous life irrespective of the circumstances, events & incidents.


We are a registered non goverment organization. Have been supporting and empowering low income groups and others since 2015.

Though our mental health facilities at two places in Lucknow we have successfully & proudly handled patients of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, mental fogg, unclarity, sleeplessness and more stress related issues. (Without any medication)
The patients are carefully handled by team of certified professionals via therapies from United-States and pragmatic counselling

Our Focus

To establish clinics and centres for the eduction of women and men in family planning matters for population

To create awareness among the society /masses about negative aspects arising out of Aids or use of drugs(drugs addiction), alcohol and to work for de-addiction and their re-habilitation

To impart education to primary level to higher level for men, women and children by establishing and running Schools, colleges, Degree Colleges, Institutions, Vocational training centres with the prior permission and approvals of the concerned govt. authorities.

To educate the children, street children and persons about their rights.

To work in the field of women & child empowerment and Anti-trafficking of women & children, youth affairs and to provide sex education to youth.

To help destitutes/deprived men, women & children by providing/supplying food, clothes, warm clothes/woolens, shelter for them & to uplift/improve their social, moral, educational and economic status.

To do all to eradicate thing such as the dowry system, child marriage. child labour, wastage of money in the various functions and use of intoxicating substances.

Our Reach

In keeping with its philosophy of ‘Real Work Real Change’, “Bliss Supporting lives”an NGO to support the underserved has taken its intervention into the interiors of UP, reaching the unreached in the remotest of rural areas and urban slums with our services.

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